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Just ran across your column in AdvantEdge (on the website) and read your blog. I think its a great idea - a daily motivational/self-development refresher. So here's a question for you - and maybe our comments can help you with subjects for your upcoming blogs - how do you go about breaking a bad habit?


Da Coach

Hi William!

It's an idea that will work for you too. I'll be on my way to my office within a half an hour, and I'll be listening to Earl Nightingale. So I walk the talk.

In regard to your question, before you break a "bad" habit, you've got to have a reason to change it. And that reason has to be big enough to create your motivation ("motive + action" -- ALL motivation is self-motivation ... no one can motivate you) to replace it with a "good" habit. If you don't have that, you'll probably drift back to the same behavior pattern.

If you could share an example I can elaborate.



Thanks - I have been looking into some audio recordings, including Mr. Nightingale's. Okay, here's what motivated the question: I'm in the military, and I'm being reassigned to a job that is considered a real career builder by many. Me, I am not happy about the idea as it takes me away from what I joined up to do. I'm finding myself with a lot of very negative thoughts and emotions that are not doing anything to help me prepare - and this job will happen whether I want it to or not, so I need to be prepared. Any tips on how I can get out of this negative thinking and get focused on doing the best I can in this new job?

Da Coach

OK William -- Lemme lay it on the line to you:

No matter what anyone else says about how the new job is a "real career builder," if it does not follow what you consider to be your personal mission or purpose, then I would recommend you find a way to pass on it.

Now I'm sure that's easy for me to say as an outsider to the military, but no amount of "positive thinking" will change the fact that you are not going to do what you love to do. (Check out the following URL to create your own Mission Statement: http://www.nightingale.com/tmission_personalstatement.asp)

Having said that, if there is absolutely no way out of this (without resigning), you have to make up your mind that you are going to use this new opportunity as a "learning experience" so you can at least approach it with acceptance and a good attitude.

Finally, find someone who is enjoying doing the job you'll be reassigned to and take him to lunch -- pick his brain on what makes it a good job.

I hope this was useful.



Thanks for the honest feedback. And for responding - it sort of feels like I'm asking a Doctor for medical advice at a cocktail party.

We will see how this plays out - I'll let you know what the outcome is.

Good luck with the blog! I know that I'll be reading it!

Da Coach

Nonsense William!

This is a "blog party," and you're my special guest! And a Friend of AdvantEdge is a Friend of Mine.

Please do keep me posted on your progress.

And start your Nightingale-Conant audio library NOW -- listening has sincerely changed my life (and the lives of countless others since 1960) for the better.

Best regards --

Jim "Da Coach"


Funny, interresting, nice, ... this is your blog

Da Coach

Thanks for the kind words "cars" -- and yes, this be my blog.

A couple of questions, if you please:

1. How did you find my blog?

2. What are you listening to on your commute?


Very useful comments - good to read

Da Coach


Glad you liked reading my comments.

Now, what are you listening to?



Consider, on that commute, not thinking at all. For a few breaths anyway. Or perhaps try this: a Japanese chant of abundance-
Nam Meoho Renege Keo

Da Coach

Very Zen of you Mike!

I meditate in the morning before my commute, but certainly your suggestion will keep "road rage" from taking over.


Your recommendation to read 'Think and Grow Rich' is the best idea I have been presented in a long time. I started with the '98 edition, read it twice and then bought the '01 edition with commentary, and I understand why you recommended the latter one. It works. I believe it 100%. Thanks da Coach! But, really, can anyone reallyt read and absorb 40 books in one year?

Da Coach

Can "anyone" really read and absorb 40 books in a year? I guess you can call me "Coach Anyone" from now on Mike!

Through listening to Brian Tracy http://www.nightingale.com/a~Author~Brian_Tracy.asp on audio from Nightingale-Conant http://www.Nightingale.com I've made reading 40 books a year (and listening to 20 audio programs a year) my annual learning goal. On a number of his programs, Brian states, "If you want to get into the top 10% of your field, read one hour a day -- because leaders are readers."

Naturally this seemed daunting at first. So I started with one book a month, then two books a month. I worked my way up to 40 by realizing that the way I add value as a coach is continually sharing ideas with my clients. And where am I gonna find those ideas? (Not from eating a Big Mac, or looking at the box score from the latest Cub defeat, that's for sure ...)

The key is to schedule reading/study/audio learning time into your calendar on a daily basis -- start with 15 minutes if that's all you can handle. Eventually you'll find its one of the best uses of your time. And after a few years, you'll be one of the experts in your field.

I hope that's useful --

Jim "Da Coach"

Kendrick Mewborn


This is my last week of graduate school. I was just thinking what the heck to do with free tiime. I was reading this blog and was inspired to start reading. I was riding into DC on the shuttle this morning thinking that it is now time to get to the next level professionally. The comment about reading up on your industry is a great idea. Thanks!

Da Coach

Congrats on getting through it Kendrick!!!

NOW -- your REAL education can begin. Shut off the tube, the internet, the radio, ignore the newspaper and read the books & journals that will make you a leader just like Brian Tracy says.



You helped me out with some good advice regarding my career in some of the earlier comments on this thread. I wanted to follow up and let you know that I sat down, figured out what I really wanted to do and made the decision to get my assignment changed, no matter what. And I did. It felt very good to go from a situation I thought I was completely powerless in, and with some thought and effort, take control and change it, not just into something okay, but something I am absolutely excited about.

Its amazing what can happen when you just decide to DO IT. Thanks for your help!

Da Coach

Thanks for making my day with your feedback here William!

I believe it's rare that anyone is "completely powerless." (Unless you're a Cub fan like me ...)

Putting your mind to a challenge is the first step in creatively solving it.

Best regards, and keep us posted on your future successes --

Jim "Da Coach"

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Best regards, and keep us posted on your future successes --

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